Friday, August 14, 2009

Wines We Love

Domaine de Bonserine Cote Rotie 2001

Cote Rotie, “the roasted slope”, is a tiny area in the northern Rhone Valley producing some of the most unique and delicious Syrah fruit in the entire wine world. The wines being produced in this region are exquisite and coveted by most wine lovers. The expression of terroir in these wines is distinct showing minerality and the gamey flavors of classic old world Syrah. Cote Roties have the ability to be aged, but some are also stunning right now.
It is unusual to find any Cote Rotie under $50, but we have received three different Cote Roties that we got for a killer deal and all of them are absolutely stunning! These wines all come from the same producer, Domaine de Bonserine. We have the base 2001 as well as two single vineyards. The two single vineyards are from La Garde and Les Moutonnes. All of these wines are bold and have an incredibly unique rustic and earthy character to them. They are exceptionally balanced and refined. While they have a linear style and similar characteristics, each of these wines has a special uniqueness that distinguishes them from one another.
Needless to say, we’re in love with these wines! Because we’re so in love with them, we want everyone else to experience them, so we’re putting together special 6-pack and case prices on the wines:

Base Domaine de Bonserine 2001: $120/6pk, $200/case

Domaine de Bonserine 2001 Single vineyards, La Garde and Les Moutonnes: $180/6pk (very limited)


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