Monday, August 31, 2009

Wine Dinners with Georgetown

Georgetown is excited to be presenting a series of food and wine pairing dinners with local Buffalo restaurants. We are so passionate about the world of food and wine and excited to bring a new and fresh experience to Buffalo foodies. The motivation behind the dinners is to showcase the art of pairing food and wine, as well as support our fantastic local restaurants and the growing wine community. We’re thrilled to be working with extremely talented chefs to create this modern and delicious local experience.

For the first series of dinners we will be collaborating with Tempo and Chef Paul Jenkins to create an authentic regional Italian dining experience accompanied by regional wine pairings. Tempo is excited to be part of this initiative and we are thrilled to be working with the talented Chef and staff at Tempo.

The first dinner in the series with Tempo will be on September 18, 2009 and will be a “Southern Italian” theme. The dinner will be 4-courses and will feature traditionally Southern Italian foods paired with wines from the southern part of the Italian peninsula as well as the Islands, Sicilia and Sardegna. The evening will also feature a traditional Italian aperitivo with small passed appetizers and a traditional Italian cocktail before the meal begins.
The event will begin at 7:00 pm on September 18, 2009. The cost of the dinner is $130 per person (tax and gratuity included) and reservations are required.

The “Italian Regional Dinner” series will continue in October with a “Central Italian” themed dinner and in November with a “Northern Italian” themed dinner.

We have also teamed up with Bacchus Wine Bar & Restaurant to create a unique Champagne pairing dinner. The dinner will be 5-courses and each dish will be paired with a different style of Champagne. The dinner will be on November 2, 2009. The cost of the dinner will be $95 per person and reservations are required.

For all of these dinners you may place your reservation with Ryan or Stephanie, or call the restaurants directly.

We’re excited to share our love of food and wine with the Buffalo community and hope that you can be a part of this experience with us.

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