Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Skurnik Tasting with Scott Lawrence and Mike DePue

Thursday, June 25 Scott Lawrence from Skurnik was in town and showed us some awesome California wines here at Georgetown. We tasted through the lineup and are making all of the wines available for pre-sale for a limited time and are a great deal! We’re not going to get all of these wines into the store so we strongly suggest picking some up on presale! All of them are going to go fast. Here are our tasting notes, this is a combined effort of Ryan, and our new addition Stephanie, please email or call with any questions;

Continuum Napa Cabernet Sauvignon, 2006 – This wine is part of the Michael Mondavi family of wines. If you’re a fan of Caymus Special Select, Continuum is going to be right in your wheelhouse! It’s not overly oaky on the nose and you definitely get a gorgeous bouquet of jammy, concentrated dark fruit. This is a powerful fruit bomb in the modern Napa Cabernet style, it has a decent amount of heat to it but with some time it should cool down a bit and still keep it’s powerful structure. The fruit for Continuum comes from a small plot in the heart of the famed ToKalon Vineyard in Napa, and is quickly gaining a “cult” status. Only the second vintage of this wine! $720/6pk or $120/bottle

Etude Cabernet Sauvignon, 2005 – This wine was one of the favorites of the show! The 2005 Etude Cabernet has strong notes of dark intense fruit with rich viscosity, and a beautiful lift on the finish. This is one of those powerful wines that manages to keep great focus and intensity throughout. The aromas and flavors are luscious and seamless, just an incredibly harmonious full-bodied, intense wine. This is also the lowest price you will ever see on Etude Cabernet! The presale price is only $360 a sixpack or $60/bottle! Buy a couple cases now, cause it will cost about $85 once it hits the floor!

Etude Los Carneros Pinot Noir – For those of you that like California Pinot Noir, you will love this wine. It has beautiful aromas of cloves, sweet spices, and dark fruit reminiscent of Russian River Pinots. This is a rich and spicy pinot with a soft finish. A great “meditation” Pinot, can be drank on its own. $228/6pk , $38/bottle

Hendry Zinfandel, 2006 – This wine was an interesting and pleasantly surprising display of Zinfandel. Atypical of most fruit-forward Zinfandels this wine has some great notes of mild pepper and earthiness. It has wonderful finesse and lift, overall it was a very elegant and refined. $162/6pk, $27/bottle

Myuge Cabernet Sauvignon, 2006 This wine is an amazing example of California Cabernet. With rich aromas and rich flavors this wine will be a favorite of California Cabernet drinkers, and it’s a STEAL for the price. This wine has great fruit aromas as well as a pleasant freshness. The tannins in this wine are a bit chalky and will allow this wine to have a long shelf life. This wine will pair really well with grilled or roasted meats but will also be delicious on its own. A great everyday Napa Cab! $192/6pk or $32/bottle

Ramey Cabernet Sauvignon, 2005 Ramey is probably one of the most well known of the California Cabernet producers, and for good reason. David Ramey has been making incredible Cabernets and Chardonnays for over 20 years! This wine shows aromas of caramel, butterscotch as well as ripe jammy fruit. It also had a hint of animal or earthy aromas. This wine will pair really well with steak on the grill. $264/6pk or $44/bottle

Tablas Creek Esprit Beaucastel Rouge, 2006 – This wine showed the most amount of red fruit out of the bunch. It has beautiful aromas of raspberry, strawberry, as well as some spice. It was lighter in color than the other wines and was very reminiscent of Rhone Valley Grenache. This is a wonderfully pleasant wine and has a great price. $216/6pk, $36/bottle

Tablas Creek Cote du Tablas Blanc, 2007 This wine was the only white wine of the group and was a great way to start of the tasting! It’s tropical, spicy, and has exciting lychee aromas. This white has a good texture with a nice freshness on the palate. A very well constructed wine reminiscent of a “rhone-style” white. If you’re a fan of Conundrum or Vionier, try this! $126/6pk, $21/bottle

Karl Lawrence Cabernet Sauvignon, 2005 This wine is really fantastic!! It’s a great example of true Cabernet. An elegant and harmonious wine that has nice fruit and a herbal element on the nose and the palate. Also, this is the first time this wine has ever been available outside of New York City!! This is one of those wines that not many people know about, and it’s a pretty good price too. Do not miss your chance to grab Karl Lawrence! $366/6pk, $66/bottle

Capiaux Pisoni Vineyard 2006 This is a much different Pinot style than the Etude. It has more red fruit like raspberry and strawberry as well as some earthy notes. One of the least expensive and most reserved of the Pisoni vineyard wines on the market, it is always a unique experience tasting Pisoni Vineyard. $252/6pk, $42/bottle

Breggo Anderson Value Pinot Noir 2007 – Breggo is one of our favorite Pinot Noir producers in California, and their entry level 2007 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir reminded us why. It has an elegance one rarely finds in West Coast Pinot Noirs showing a bright brilliant ruby color, red fruit, amazing focus, subtle forest floor notes and a touch of spice. Finished with focused refreshing acidity and amazing lift. Seriously delicious stuff. Presale price $220/6pk or $36.66/bottle.

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