Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Owen Roe ‘The Sinister Hand’ 2008

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Fall! Now I know it’s October, but we’re officially getting that fall chill and changing leaves, and that means that everyone is cracking open more red wines! Halloween (believe it or not) is also right around the corner, and Georgetown has the best Halloween wine EVER!!

Once a year, just before Halloween, Polaner imports releases a small amount of Owen's Sinister Hand, David O'Reilly's ode to Chateauneuf du Pape from the Columbia Valley in Washington. This year the varietal breakdown is 62% Grenache, 35% Syrah, 3% Mourvedre. The wine is excellent, but that label and the mythic story behind it are singular:

Once upon a time in Northern Ireland there were two warring clans: the O'Neills and the O'Reillys. Even though they controlled much of the land, there was a small tract that was yet unclaimed, and the two families battled fiercely over it....(there is also a side story about an upstart clan called Congel who were sharpening their swords & eyeing the parcel for future development, but we won't go there today..)

Anyway, in an effort toward civility they managed to agree that possession of the parcel would be decided by a rowing race. Whichever clan's team was first to touch the land could claim it as their own, and effectively finish the War. The body of water was long and wide and it was quite a race. The teams rowed hard and they were neck and neck approaching the land. The O'Neills, though, started to slip, and realized that they were going to lose.... So, in a last ditch effort, a rower from the O'Neill team puts down his oar, takes out his sword, severs his hand, and heaves it ahead of the other boat, onto the shore...claiming the land for the O'Neills and ending the war. And thus...The Sinister Hand.

skip the snickers bars-- I know what I want in my bag this year...

Stop by and pick up you stock of this limited Halloween sipper – this wine’s going to go fast!

Owen Roe ‘The Sinister Hand’ 2008
ONLY 5 CASES OF the 1.5 Liters for all of NYS! (Georgetown received 1 of them!)

We only have 2 cases of the 750ml bottles ($26.99) and 1 case of the 1.5 Liter bottles ($64.99).

We’re going to have this wine, as well as the hot new Chasing Lions Napa Blend (the next Menage a Trois?), open at the Tasting Bar tomorrow, Thursday, October 8th after 4pm.

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